4 Questions to Ask a Smart Home Integrator Before Hiring

4 Questions to Ask a Smart Home Integrator Before Hiring

Smart home automation is all about making daily life easier and more comfortable for the homeowner. The technology adds convenience and simplicity to everyday routines and tasks – but how easy is it to bring these systems to your home or your clients’ spaces?


You don’t have to become an expert on smart technology overnight in order to have a fully-automated smart home. That’s why, whether you’re a homeowner or a home-builder, we recommend working with a trusted smart home installer that has your best interests in mind.


An experienced team of professionals makes bringing smart solutions to your West Lake Hills, TX space a breeze. But first, to make sure you’re working with a reliable group, there are a few questions to ask the company first. These will ensure that you’re working with the right team to meet your every need.


Keep reading below to find out how you can know whether an integrator is worth your time or not.







1. Do they have a presence online?


Your first place to look for a trusted integrator is, no doubt, via a search engine online. And if a company you’ve found has an informative and easy-to-navigate website, you can begin to narrow down whether they’re the right one for you.


With pages showing their past installations and projects, you can see if they have an established business and experience in the industry. Check to see if they provide testimonials from happy customers, and look for specific examples of smart features you want for your home. Peruse through their portfolios, blogs, and galleries to take a dive into what the company has to offer.




2. Do they understand the basics of smart technology?


A great way to see if a smart home company has the needed expertise for your smart home project, you can right away ask them to give you a rundown of everything pertaining to smart home technology.


Another way you can get a sense of a company’s experience and expertise is to ask them to explain how to use your new smart home technology. The right integrator should be able to explain the basics of home automation and let you know exactly how every feature and solution can and will work in any space of a home. This dedication to the industry shows that they know what they’re doing and that they have the knowledge to give you the right system customized to fit any home.


Check out this Control4 video to see just how user-friendly an automation system can be.




3. Do they push you into a system or setup you don’t want?


There is nothing worse than a company that pressures you into installing a system or smart solution you don’t want or need. If you’re a homeowner, the right installer will ask you what you’re looking for specifically and find out what you’re comfortable bringing to your home. The same goes for if you are a builder trying to give your client the home they’ve been dreaming of. Your integrator should communicate with both you and your client to guarantee everyone is happy with the end result – and that they don’t end up with technologies they never truly wanted or are too intimidated by.


A quality smart home company will suggest and install systems that you will get the most use out of, and that will deliver top-notch services to you on a daily basis.




4. Can they build upon your system down the road?


What makes smart technology sound so futuristic, is that it is constantly changing and evolving.


But installing a smart system now shouldn’t mean that it is obsolete and outdated in just a few years. And as more technologies come out, you or your clients might be interested in adding more to a system.


So, a great integrator will set your system up to allow future installations and the ability to add more features in the future. You can start out with home lighting control and motorized shades, but hold off on a home theater – and then add it in a year or two with ease.


Your smart home company should be able to set up your technologies so you can build upon them whenever you want.




Want to learn more about working with a smart home installer and how you can know if you’ve chosen the right one for you? Our team at mero CONCEPTS is dedicated to giving you the smart home automation system you both want and need.


Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us! You can rest assured that we will provide you with the best service in the West Lake Hills area.



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