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Your home is more than a space to lay your head down at night; it reflects your interests and how you choose to live. As an HTA (Home Technology Association) certified integrator, we understand the desires of homeowners just like you for uncomplicated home automation. 

Working with our smart home designer team, we bring you more than the conveniences. We believe technology should be personalized to your needs and enhance your lifestyle. Imagine setting the perfect comfort level, from temperature and lighting to entertainment with the touch of a button or your voice. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities we can bring to your Dripping Springs, TX home? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Get Complete Coverage With A Smart Home Security System


Protect Your Home From Burglary, Water Damage, And Fire 

A home should be a sanctuary, the one place where you can truly be yourself. Protecting your property and your family is a paramount responsibility. With integrated home security systems, you rest assured that every aspect of your house is safe. 

Comprehensive coverage begins with a system designed to meet your specific needs; cookie-cutter packages leave you exposed where it matters most. We partner with premier names in home security systems to furnish you with sensors and proactive management tools that prevent damage or loss of your possessions and a sense of comfort. 

A security and alarm system from Mero Concepts works to detect, deter, and de-escalate situations in and around your Austin, TX home. Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Explore Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 Features

Explore Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 Features

Control4 is one of the top players in the smart home system market. With a Control4 system, you can integrate your lighting, security, audio, video, home theater, and more into one centralized hub. The brand’s technology allows you to control and automate these systems through an app, universal remote, touchscreens, and voice commands — making your Austin home effortless to manage.

In this blog, we’ll cover some Control4 Smart Home OS 3 features you can incorporate into your Texas home. 

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OS 3 is Control4’s newest operating system, and it provides unmatched personalization. Do you have frequently used rooms — like your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and office? You can set them as “favorites” so you can quickly swipe between them on your Control4 app on your smartphone. Within each room, you can control features like lighting and what music and video to play.

Rooms aren’t the only things you can set as favorites. You can make your most frequently used platforms and devices — like Spotify, your thermostat, or your front door camera — favorites, and they’ll pop up as icons on your main “dashboard” screen. You can just easily tap one of your favorites to make whatever adjustments you want, whether it’s choosing a new song or seeing who’s at your front door. The design of OS 3 aims to be intuitive, so you can use easy hold-and-drag features to move around your favorites, just like you would do to arrange apps on your phone.

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Building an Outdoor Speaker System: Features to Look For

Building an Outdoor Speaker System: Features to Look For

Austin summers come with beautiful, warm, sunny days, and you’ll enjoy them even more with an outdoor speaker system that’s up to date with the latest technologies. To get your home ready for summer fun, consider designing and building an outdoor speaker system that’s perfect for you and your family. Every barbecue, pool party, alfresco dinner, and more can be made even better with high-quality outdoor audio.

Here are features you should look for when building an outdoor speaker system for your Texas home.

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Weatherproof and high-fidelity speakers

When thinking about outdoor speakers, you may worry about how the weather will affect them. However, that no longer has to be a concern. Top audio brands like Terra, James Loudspeaker, and Coastal Source offer high-performance speakers that withstand all the elements — such as sun, rain, heat, dust, and dirt.

Terra offers outdoor speakers that also provide landscape lighting. Their LuminSound products provide adjustable path or landscape lighting while producing top-notch sound. The speakers can be rotated up to 358 degrees to move the sound wherever you want it.

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